Friday, July 31, 2009

Something about nothing and more

So why have I called my blog "Something about nothing and more".. I suppose what I wish this blog to be about is along the same lines as what the tv comedy "Seinfeld" was about. It was a "show about nothing". I loved that tv series, everything that happened on that show was just ordinary things that happen to everyday people but it was funny.

So why am I writing a blog?
I have read a few and I have some in my bookmarks.
Having spent a rainy Sunday afternoon online I stumbled across "bollybutton". The title of her blog was what caught my eye. So I spent the afternoon skimming through her posts.
A few days later going back to the beginning of her blog. I found that we had a lot in common but for different reasons. Her experiences of life in Athens as Asian and a foreigner, I was reading this but I could see me in her. I have been to Greece three times in my life and yet her struggles with the language and just doing simple everyday things I could very much relate to.
I also volunteered at the Athens Olympics, though I did not meet my own Mr Zeus, would have like to.

So I plan on writing some of my favourite memories of spending holiday time in Greece to begin with, my travel experiences and who knows what else.

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