Saturday, August 1, 2009

Travelling by the stars

Most people love to travel, visit a new destination a country. Me, any excuse to pack my bags and jump on a plane.

Have you ever heard of Astrocartography?
It's the astrological science of studying how a person's life can completely change depending on where on the earth they are located.

How it works

Using an individual's birth chart, astrocartography maps the places on the earth where the planets occupied powerful positions at the moment of birth. Astrocartography is really based on the idea of what if you'd been born at that moment in time, but over the other side of the world?

Did you know countries have star signs, I didn't. Apparently the star sign is determined by when the country was discovered.

So check out below, does your star sign match your favourite countries?
  • Aries: England, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands
  • Gemini: Belgium, Iceland and Wales
  • Taurus: Ireland, Switzerland and Cyprus
  • Cancer: USA, New Zealand and Scotland
  • Leo: France, Italy, Indonesia and Romania
  • Virgo: Brazil, Turkey, Uruguay and Greece
  • Libra: Argentina, Austria and Japan
  • Scorpio: Norway, Korea, Syria and Morocco
  • Sagittarius: Chile, Hungary, South Africa, Singapore and Spain
  • Capricorn: India, Mexico, Bosnia and Lithuania
  • Aquarius: Finland, Sweden, Iran, Russia and Ethiopia
  • Pisces: Egypt, Portugal and Samoa
There are a lot of countries not listed..this is just a guide

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